Silhouettes of the Crowds

Pro, Polished, Platinum sound for Rock and Metal.

Completed with responsiveness and speed. All at an affordable, fair rate.

Rock and Metal Mixes: Mixed vs. Unmixed

Sound equipment


Let’s craft you an amazing, professional mix. Something you will love and will be excited and proud to share with friends, family and fans.


I work instinctively to ensure your song remains natural. My approach is also highly mathematical to ensure your sound is sculpted the right way.


You’ve worked hard on perfecting your skills, your music, your recordings. You have a vision, and we’ll work together to reach it. I work with you, listen to you, and communicate.


Only the best quality, completed with responsiveness and speed. All at an affordable, fair rate.



Full Album

What's included?

★  A crystal clear, bold, pro mix. Huge, defined, deep, impactful.

★  Guitars: Larger-than-life. Your guitars will sound fuller, clearer and more powerful than ever.

★  Bass: Huge and tight. No mud here. Only clarity and fullness.

★  Drums: Bold and stunning. Let's shape them magnificently.

★  Vocals: Platinum sound. Whether we place them more upfront or further back in the mix, they will cut through with incredible clarity and impact.

★  And for all other instruments, I give them the attention and love they deserve, and sculpt them to perfection

★  Drum sampling. I can subtly and carefully blend drum samples with your original recordings to craft a more impactful, deeper, richer drum experience within the mix.

★  I utilize the best tools, gears and plugins in the industry. EQ, Compression, Reverb, Delay, Stereo Delay, Parallel FX, Doublers, Distortion, Bus Compression, Imaging, …

★  An engineer with 13 years of experience, an addiction to mixing, a lifetime love of Rock and Metal, and great attention to detail. I listen at loud and soft volume levels on multiple different systems, to ensure your mix has the perfect blend of impact and balance.

★  If you have your own Mastering Engineer lined up or would specifically like to outsource one, I encourage you to go for it! Having an extra pair of professional ears on your songs is great. But if you can’t budget for one, that’s not a prob and I’ve got you covered. I use only the best Mastering tools and scrutinize to death over Masters, to ensure they are pro, polished and radio-ready.



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